About the project

Burnout in nurses and care workers

Job strain is a long-standing problem for nurses and care workers irrespective of nationality, type of nursing training, area or type of clinical or nonclinical work.
Nurses and care workers are stressful professions, as they are characterized by exposure to a wide range of delicate situations and circumstances that may be at risk of stress. Job stressors include factors such as excessive or high workloads, irregular and unsocial hours of work, physical tiredness, the emotional demands of dealing with sick patients and their families and
with patients whose behaviours are difficult, and lack of staff support, uncertainty concerning treatment, conflict with colleagues, supervisors and medical staff, dealing with death and dying, management difficulties, issues involving patient care, concerns about technical knowledge and skills. All these factors show the critical aspects of these particular jobs that make workers as potential victims of burnout syndrome.

The JOBIS project

JOBIS aims to develop and pilot test e-learning based training contents to prevent burn out among care workers, nurses and student-nurses in five European countries (Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Italy and Cyprus).
JOBIS will provide an attractive, accessible and in-depth piloted training tool with high transferability to other target groups (doctors, civil servants, teachers, etc) and an international network of highly specialized trainers on the burnout topic.