Dissemination seminar in Bologna

On the 12th of June took place in Bologna the Italian dissemination seminar of JOBIS project. The event, organised by the Anziani e non solo, gathered many interested professionals and stakeholders for the whole day. The morning focused on some theoretical aspects of the burnout syndrome, the results of JOBIS project and its activities, while the afternoon was dedicated to practical techniques and methods to prevent burnout, from those created by JOBIS partnership to other local experiences.

(In Italian)

La sperimentazione del progetto Jobis all’interno dell’ASP Città di Bologna

Presentazione del progetto

Le tecniche di rilassamento nella prevenzione del burn out in ospedale

Distress e demoralizzazione negli infermieri ospedalieri: il ruolo delle fonti di stress e dell’anzianità di servizio
(Casu, G., & Giaquinto, F. (2018). Distress and demoralization of hospital nurses as a function of sources of stress and job seniority. Applied Nursing Research, 43, 61-63)

Il burn-out nelle Professioni Sanitarie

Tecniche di prevenzione del Burn-out nel progetto Jobis

Flyer of the seminar