IAȘI: Erasmus+ International Multiplier Event

The internațional workshop “VET Strategies and Interventions for Burnout Prevention among Nurses and care Workers“ will take place on May, 13th 2017, in Iași, Romania, Cotnari Conference Room representing a multiplier event within the VET strategic partnership „JOBIS – Joint Job Burnout Interventions for Beginner Nurses, Nurse Students and Care Workers” financed by Erasmus+ Programme. At the event there will be 30 local participants and 4 international guests from the Nursing Association of Republic of Moldova.

The objective of the workshop is to disseminate the blended-learning training curriculum for burnout prevention and coping among beginner nurses and care workers already developed by the project consortium.

Other aims of the workshop are to present the activities and results of the JOBIS project, as well as to raise awareness on the increasing danger of burnout syndrom among health professionals and the need to be informed and take action against it.